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If you’re looking for a mixer which neither keeps any logs, nor asks you to register; cryptomixer io is an option you can peek at. It does offer registrations in case you’d want to keep things professional, organized and are a frequent mixer. It’s one of the very few mixers which offer “multiple deposit addresses” (upto 5); so you can break the deposit into multiple parts which add upto your total amount. Even offers 2-FA (via PGP) for account security. It also acts as a BTC àXMR à BTC convertor which further adds anonymity. The fee is randomized between a minimum 1% and a maximum 4%. Minimum Withdrawal and deposit limits are acceptable, currently 0.00045 BTC and 0.0018 BTC respectively. Upto 10 additional addresses supported for each output. Time-delays aren’t completely user-controlled, yet users get to specify the maximum delay they want for the total output. All outputs are processed before this timer is reached. Instant withdrawal too available.

How it works: you fill in the whole amount of the resource account and the cryptomixer io system divides it into small amounts and distributes them to different wallets, mixing them with the coins of other clients or with bitcoins taken on a foreign cryptocurrency exchange, you also get them in small portions to your wallet already washed. This process increases the anonymity of your coins. Features of the service: The main difference between this server is that it has 2 different mixing modes. Cleaning is carried out automatically.In one of the modes, pure BTC is received through foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Guarantees with PGP signatures are used. Low and high minimum and maximum entry thresholds from 0.001 BTC to 50 BTC. The mixing procedure takes up to 6 hours. Note that there are services that offer to wait 1-2 days. Registration on this platform is not required. Cleaning is carried out automatically. Data encryption is practiced. At the time of writing, cryptomixer io is one of the best BTC mixing services out there. We definitely recommend it.

CryptoMixer currently only supports Bitcoin mixes, however, it has plans to bring in ETH mixes in the near future. It has been featured on News BTC/ Crypto News/ The Next Web etc. hence building a bit of trust. Very modern, advanced, user-controlled interface. Allows upto 5 output addresses. Obviously, doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever. The user-control is impressive. You get to control the fund-distribution, as well as the time-delay for each output address manually. Even the fee can be set manually. The cheapest allowed fee is 0.5% which is more than acceptable. The highest is set at 5%. Obviously the 0.25mBTC blockchain transaction fee is attached on top of the selected fee. It even has a “strength meter” which shows how strong your mix is, based on all the factors you’ve selected. No registration required whatsoever. And it does provide the mixing code to ensure all outputs are fresh and not linked to any of your previous deposits.

crypto mixer is another one of the mixer that deserves to top most Bitcoin mixer charts based. For starters its user-interface is one of the simplest and easiest to understand. Then, it supports as many as 10 additional addresses, which is the maximum most mixers on this list support. Its fee based on address, 0.0002 per address, no service fee. It has a no logs policy with a 7-day default retention of the logs for support and transaction-related issues, although users get to permanently and instantly delete the logs manually whenever they wish anytime before this 7-day auto clear period as well. Does provide distribution control for each individual address separately; time-delay too is available although it’s randomly set by the platform and not user-controlled. The minimum limit too is quite low at just 0.0005BTC while the maximum limit depends on the real-time reserves. Bottom line, apart from lower user-control on fee and time-delays it’s pretty perfect. is an extremely basic mixer. It allows only 1 output address to be specified. The UI too is extremely simple and doesn’t feature any sliders or calculators. Users simply enter their output address and receive the funds as simple as that. The minimum mix amount is 0.001BTC while the maximum is 100BTC. Amounts out of these limits will not be mixed. Users have no control on the fee and it’s randomized between 0.5% and 1%. An additional 0.0005 BTC miner fee also exists. The time-delay too (if any) isn’t user controlled and the mixer sends out funds at its own pace. Its working infrastructure seems to differ from other mixers out there. While most other mixers have a “reserve”, this platform seems to use miners. The unclean coins are sent to “miners”, and the clean coins too are claimed to be sent out from “miners”. It however doesn’t keep any logs and all information is deleted once a transaction is complete.


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